Dreambox One Ultra HD Updates

  • Update heute 20.06.2019


  • Code
    enigma2: update to 4.4.1r11
    - fixed several scaling problems
    - fixed service searching (broken since 4.4.1r10)
    - added core function and skin converter to query and show currently used video codec
    - prepare for screenshots (driver and kernel update needed)
  • Code
    enigma2: 4.4.1r12
    - working on screenshot support (no HEVC yet)
    - fixed pause for media playback
    - fixed deadlocks caused by broken audio streams
    - fixed DVB subtitles on SD services
    - fixed skipping forward/backward on live audio/video streams

    dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20190627r0 (dreamone)
    - fixes for videograbber
    - optimized VIDEO_GET_PTS ioctl
    - fixed possible kernel oops in h264 decoder
  • Code
    enigma2: 4.4.1r13
    - fixed audio only playback (broken since 4.4.1r12)
    - added support for 24bit PCM (fixes playback of HQ FLAC audio)
    - more stable audio track changes, skipping forward/backward and pause
  • Code
    enigma2: 4.4.1r14
    - fix missing audio for some streaming services
    - improve video screenshot handling (requires new drivers)
    - improve several initial setup guide steps - reenable timezone step (fixed a crash) - improve last-step workflow - reword firmware upgrade step - skip network services step when no technology is activated - eListbox - fix ConfigContent headers not using the full width - internal changes for improved future ABI compatiblity
    - eLabel: fix blending issues (always use dedicated pixelbuffer)
    - redirect gstreamer log output to enigma2's async log
    - servicemp3: change level of some gstreamer log messages
    - disable hdmi output in idle mode (dreamone)

    dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20190707r0 (dreamone)
    - added videograbber interface compatible to amlogic videograbber
    - allow multiple concurrent videograbber users
    - fixed wrongly sent first pts events