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    - only allow skipping forward/backward with number buttons for amlogic based STBs... no fast winding yet

    - fixed progressive/interlaced and framerate detection

    - prevent "[eAudioPlayback] Unhandled samplerate: -1" spam on DVB services with AAC Audio

    - fixed broken "eServiceEvent::getBeginTimeString" (broken since 4.4.1r17

    - allow to use getNimSlotInputName as demod description even for tuners with only one hardware input connector (One Combo)

    - some improvements/fixes for new HLS/Dash service

    - some python changes for easier migration to python3…6107e67a1e933c28523d80655


    * Support Dreambox One with Combo Tuner

    * Some Minor HbbTV fixes

    * Fix GraphicalMultiEPG Setup screen

    * Improve stream playback

    * Improve skipping for "Multmedia" Services (eServiceMP3)

    * Add Inverto IDLU-UST110-CUO40-32P to the list of unicable devices

    * Add configurabe on/off Pixmaps for all existing "ConfigBoolean" derivatives. Add the something like the following in the "<listboxcontent>" section of your skin (see default skin)

    <config onPixmap="skin_default/switch_on.svg" offPixmap="skin_default/switch_off.svg" size="30,16"/>

    Developer / Experts

    * Fix reboot to rescue

    * Fix image prescale handling for libjpegturbo

    * Fix blending issues in eListbox and it's selectionZoom

    * Converter.TemplatedMultiContent: add missing import for MultiContentEntryTextAlphaBlend

    * Screens.Menu: allow plugins to pass a menu description as 5th argument of the list

    * eLabel: fix wrong background color when rendering onto dedicated buffer

    * fixed initial buffering for TS and non TS streaming and add menu entries to change the buffering time (default is 500ms now), setBufferSize call is a noop now and replaced by setBufferDuration

    * eAudioPlayback: allow to install a PCM callback

    * Change the way audio playback is handled (eAudioPlayback)

    * print stack trace when when mainloop is beeing blocked


    * Add highly experimental version of a new DASH/HLS playback service written form scratch.…7afdca2f08bc402bddfe7b9b8

    update auf 11.5-r3

    - Imagestand > 4.3.2r7 erforderlichstarten !!! Merlin und Oozoon haben den aktuell noch nicht. ... und nich vergessen nach dem update GUI neu zu

    - mal wieder Screens AMS [Blockierte Grafik:]

    Die Option "AMS" hab ich wegrationalisiert. Die Screens sind jetzt fest im Skin.

    - diverse kleine Änderungen ( man beachte zB. den Einfachen EPG )

    - neue Option für die Konfigurationslisten. ( Setups )


    * added support for FBC DVB-C tuner

    * fixed Graphical MultiEPG Setup skin

    * allow the description of configuration entries to grow up to the actual size of the value (if it's text or a pixmap) minus some margin (font-size in pixels)

    for skin and plugin developers:

    * ConfigLists:

    - implemented on/off pixmaps for boolean config types




    <config onPixmap="skin_default/switch_on.svg" offPixmap="skin_default/switch_off.svg" size="30,16"/>


    * fixed several rendering/blending issues in listboxes

    - don't render incomplete last item in grid mode or with selection zoom enabled

    - alpha-blend zoomed selection

    - fixed issues with alpha-blended lables and pixmaps in multicontent lists

    - fixed item size calculations in horizontal mode when there's a margin

    * fixed eLabel having the wrong background color in some cases…8c1c8ca784edbe9c74384751a

    update auf 11.5-r0

    - Jede menge Anpassungen an die Änderungen im DreamOS [Blockierte Grafik:]

    - diverse Fixe

    - Display MerlinMusikplayerII ( VU Meter )

    - Imagestand > 4.3.2r6 erforderlich ... und nich vergessen nach dem update GUI neu zu starten !!!

    Merlin und Oozoon haben den aktuell noch nicht.

    und ja, auch auf der one sollte der Skin laufen

    enigma2: 4.3.2r6

    * Reset video window to fullscreen on e2 start and e2 shutdown

    * Fix potential crash in DVD Player

    * Fix IPv6 related crash in Network Setup

    * Implement sVideoType for non TS containers, add VideoType to ServiceInfo Converter, add evVideoTypeReady event

    Changes backported from 4.4

    * Skins & UI

    - added "global skin variables" that can be used to define "global" position and size values. Example:


    <value name="infobar_pos" value="0,540" />


    - eSlider (progress): add and handle foregroundColor/backgroundColor attributes

    - ChoiceList/ParentalControlList componentSizes: add pixmapX and pixmapY

    - eListbox (lists)

    - ConfigContent: seperation is now a hard limit, allow multi-line config list entries and values instead (only if line height is >= fontSize*2)

    - MultiContent: add SCALE_STRETCH and SCALE_FILL for pixmaps

    - add selectionZoom (method setSelectionZoom)

    - Zooms the currently selected item by a factor (for skin use: selectionZoom="1.1", for 110% of original size)

    - add mode="vertical|horizontal|grid" for defining the render type

    - add margin="<horizontalMargin>,<verticalMargin" to add a global margin to the list (adjust to match your selectionZoom)

    - internal changes for improved future ABI compatiblity

    - adjusted default skin (following the changes described above)

    * Others

    - fix memleak when using EGL/GLES

    - redirect gstreamer log output to enigma2's async log

    1. enigma2: 4.4.1r14
    2. - fix missing audio for some streaming services
    3. - improve video screenshot handling (requires new drivers)
    4. - improve several initial setup guide steps - reenable timezone step (fixed a crash) - improve last-step workflow - reword firmware upgrade step - skip network services step when no technology is activated - eListbox - fix ConfigContent headers not using the full width - internal changes for improved future ABI compatiblity
    5. - eLabel: fix blending issues (always use dedicated pixelbuffer)
    6. - redirect gstreamer log output to enigma2's async log
    7. - servicemp3: change level of some gstreamer log messages
    8. - disable hdmi output in idle mode (dreamone)

    1. dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20190707r0 (dreamone)
    2. - added videograbber interface compatible to amlogic videograbber
    3. - allow multiple concurrent videograbber users
    4. - fixed wrongly sent first pts events
    1. enigma2: 4.4.1r13
    2. - fixed audio only playback (broken since 4.4.1r12)
    3. - added support for 24bit PCM (fixes playback of HQ FLAC audio)
    4. - more stable audio track changes, skipping forward/backward and pause
    1. enigma2: 4.4.1r12
    2. - working on screenshot support (no HEVC yet)
    3. - fixed pause for media playback
    4. - fixed deadlocks caused by broken audio streams
    5. - fixed DVB subtitles on SD services
    6. - fixed skipping forward/backward on live audio/video streams

    1. dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20190627r0 (dreamone)
    2. - fixes for videograbber
    3. - optimized VIDEO_GET_PTS ioctl
    4. - fixed possible kernel oops in h264 decoder
    1. dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20190624r0 (dreamone)
    2. - add videograbber
    3. - fixed for ts/m2ts playback without meta files
    4. - fixed possible video decoder problems (mainly on first tuner)
    1. enigma2: update to 4.4.1r11
    2. - fixed several scaling problems
    3. - fixed service searching (broken since 4.4.1r10)
    4. - added core function and skin converter to query and show currently used video codec
    5. - prepare for screenshots (driver and kernel update needed)

    Update heute 20.06.2019

    RTL zeigt das Fußball EM-Qualifikationsspiel Deutschland gegen Weißrussland am 08.06.2019 live in Ultra HD & HDR auf seinem Ultra HD-Sender RTL UHD. Die Übertragung beginnt um 20:15 Uhr.

    RTL UHD wird via Satellit Astra 19.2° Ost ausgestrahlt. Voraussetzung für den Empfang ist ein HD+ Abo. Für die HDR-Wiedergabe ist ein Fernseher mit "Hybrid Log Gamma"-Unterstützung erforderlich.

    Quelle: Areadvd

    update auf 11.4-r7

    - Screen EPGLoad Setup

    - Screen Fancontrol

    - Screens Multi EPG ValiMod

    - Screen Grafischer Multi EPG

    - neue Option für Hauptmenü - 'Farbe Symbolhintergrund - Farbe Auswahltext' ( bei 'Farbe Auswahltext - Weiß' ausgeblendet )

    - PluginOptoin - Graphic / -MV , mit und ohne PIG ( Multi EPG ValiMod oder Grafischer Multi EPG muß installiert sein )

    - diverse Fixe