[DM-Tool] E-Channelizer

  • version 2.2.0 Released
    [Blockierte Grafik: http://echannelizer.com/img/home/screenshot.png]

    - New application logo.
    - Windows installer for better setup experience (recommended).
    - Open files from the Windows explorer context menu (installer only).
    - Display progress and prompt indications in the Windows taskbar.
    - Support hostname, DNS, and IPv6 in the profile configuration.
    - Show/hide password in the profile configuration.
    - Delete services of the missing satellites after loading (optional).
    - Show number of bouquets where services are favorited (sortable).
    - Show number of the other bouquets where favorites are existing.
    - Mark and highlight services which are existing in the current bouquet.
    - Allow to adjust the height of alternative services list.
    - Added French language, thanks to AIT YAHIA Idir.
    - Added Lithuanian language, thanks to Vytenis P.
    - Added Polish language, thanks to Pan3o.
    - Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.

    - Combined the satellite filters with other service filters.
    - Improved search algorithm for better results.
    - Improved importing/exporting large numbers of picons.

    - Bouquets not loaded if renamed in the "bouquets.tv/radio" file.
    - Drop services/favorites into bouquets which include "<N/A>" items.
    - Import bouquets if no settings loaded yet.
    - Other minor issues.

    Sayyid A.

  • Version 2.3.0 Released

    - Support custom reference (dvb-service or user-defined) of IPTV streams.
    - Assign DVB service to IPTV stream by drag and drop while pressing CTRL.
    - Add, import and export picons of IPTV streams with custom references.
    - Define the streaming / transcoding port in the profile configuration.
    - Toggle match diacritical marks in the search results (e.g. Barça).
    - Display quick hints for better usability and user experience.
    - Added Latvian language, thanks to DreamMuca.
    - Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.

    - Naming of alternatives file name, thanks to littlesat & Dimitrij.
    - Display '(no name)' for services with blank names.
    - Improved dragging / dropping of services and favorites.
    - Improved resizing of the main layout.

    - Streaming not working from some devices.
    - Display cable and terrestrial groups in the transponders list.
    - Filter and sort cable and terrestrial services.
    - Service not selected when right-clicking on the service name.
    - Refresh the online status of STB when using hostname or DNS.
    - Other minor issues.

    Sayyid A.