OE2.0 Experimentals DM500HD

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  • dreambox-image-dm500hd-20120519.nfi
    Date: 2012-05-19 11:52
    Enigma2: 3.999git20120515-r3.0
    Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0
    Machine: Dreambox dm500hd

    MD5: 1670ee2fe5a65198a70d0357be62f88b
    SHA256: d5ecccfd0c33537d7d89228d81ac58a973c90d26eb0f3729b1913deefad89d0d

    Browser: add some minor performance optimizations (may decrease quality a bit)
    Browser: fixed a ssl certificate problem
    Browser: tweak User-Agent a little bit
    Browser/Hbbtv: add helpscreen, enable transparent background only if explictly requested (e.g. for HBBTV)
    DLNA: fixed enable/disable switch
    DLNA: disable by default
    Networksetup: fixed/rewrite DNS handling
    Networksetup: fixed broadcast address handling
    Pictureplayer: some speedups and memory usage optimizations
    Wlan: add hotplugging support for wlan usb sticks
    Wlan: some wlan drivers need a long time to get an ip, lets wait after activation
    MediaScanner: allow scanning the root flash again.

    add tmp to the .ipk search path.
    now the scanner looks into root,
    ipk and tmp dirs for packages on a mountpoint.
    fixed crash on dm800se on movie playback (skin fix)
    fixed CommonInterfaceAssignment plugin crash (missing import)
    fixed LocationBox crash (missing import)
    skin fixes / cleanups