Merlin3 Image 0E2.0 for Dreambox 800SE

  • Update: 18/07/2015

    - enigma2: add missing French and German translation for merlin setting
    - MovieSelection: remove leftover
    - RefToMovieName: small fix
    - MovieList: don't show extended description when only cover display is activated. For skinner: source for Cover must be changed to CoverService
    - MovieList: hide cover immediately when deactivated in context menu
    - RefToMovieName: update on change
    - MovieList: don't show directories starting with @ when hidden directories are not shown
    - ClockToText:
    -- get rid of negative time indications in MovieList
    -- new type AsLengthWithHours (don't use WithSeconds for movie length indication with hours!)
    -- Merlin Settings: new option to select format of movie length in movie list (h:m:s or m:s)
    - PiconMapper: fix no more working picon mapping (bouquet mode)
    - GraphMultiEPG:
    -- add new option to show picons instead of service name (default=No)
    -- add prime time changes from OE2.2
    -- replace colours causing eye cancer
    - PiconMapper: fix possible crash. Thx to dreamer-flt
    - ServicePosition: new type Ends to show time the movie will finish. Supported args: ShowNoSeconds
    - Timer type selection: use colour buttons as requested by m0rphU
    - EventView / EPGSearch: enable timer type selection
    - Initial check-in of (conflicts with secondinfobar)
    - Cover: improvements for show/hide
    - RefToMovieName: add VideoDB pattern for series
    - RefToMovieName: some improvements
    - Cover: use png for default_cover and folder (request by dreamer-flt)
    - Moviecover: do not depend on extended description
    - new Plugin hook for folders in movielist
    - RefToMovieName: fix dot-separated movie names. thx to Einfall
    - ChannelSelectionTitle: add handling for missing title
    - Picon: fix folder sdcard
    - SkinSettings: clean-up
    - merlinepgcenter_MiniTV.patch: don't crash E2 on language change
    - Fixed mal wieder den MerlinEPGCenter MiniTV patch (woddaf**k)…-2.0-dm500hd-20150718.nfi Merlin-3_OE-2.0-dm800se-20150718.nfi

  • Update 25/10/2015

    Auf dem Feed liegen Updates bereit.

    - BoxInfo: new type FanInfo
    - EMIL: updates and bugfixes
    -- RefToMovieName: follow changes for EMIL
    - TagBouquetService: show tick immediately after adding the service
    - PiconCleaner: fix indentation error reported by oldboke
    - SecondInfoBarMe: fix typo in folder name
    - ChannelSelection: fix the following crashes:
    -- Plugins with own ChannelSelection
    -- change tagBouquetServices config after using a plugin with its own ChannelSelection
    - ChannelNumber: fix when enable multiple bouquets is set to No
    - PiconMapper: fix possible crash
    - Default-HD-grey.ME: adjustments for GraphMultiEPG
    - GraphMultiEPG: add missing colour assignments
    - SecondInfobarme: remove dot in folder name (this was quite likely the issue...

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